As a 9th grader, Rhea Bijoor was selected to go to India as a student volunteer on a medical camp to perform health screenings in remote villages in rural south India. She designed this infographic in the native language of that region with the help of Google and distributed it to hundreds of students, educating them on the benefits of hand washing and hand hygiene with the help of a medical interpreter. This came in very "handy" during the Covid-19 pandemic which shortly followed her trip. She still how humbled she felt when she saw the amazing memory, focus, enthusiasm, and appetite for knowledge that these students had in spite of having very little resources.

Art work on display by the students

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Project LEAP contacted schools in India and found out that the students had to abruptly stop their education due to lack of remote learning devices and data connection from their homes. Through some demographic research, we found that the economic impact of this gap in education would be devastating to many of these children who were bright and motivated before the lockdown. The special needs students would suffer even more. We could not let this happen. We contacted the school officials and were able to define their immediate needs which included electronic tablet devices and data packs. We connected the donors to the students through sponsorship of their tablets and were able to restore the human connection that was abruptly unplugged in 2020. These students were able to resume learning virtually and now in person. They love using their tablets everyday! The principals were happy to report that the overall scores had improved!

Project LEAP researched the impact of covid-19 on education. This was presented to members of the Asian American community all over the world via zoom presentations by the Project LEAP team.

Special needs student with Down's syndrome is thrilled to be able to use the data pack connection and maintain a connection with his teachers!

Life skill activities were continued over zoom virtually through the tablets sponsored by individual donors. " Sponsor a child's education" initiative has deeply strengthened the bond between human beings in communities all over the world!

Student Ms. Rana was able to excel in the International Abacus online competition which would not have been possible without her tablet!

Smart phones connected to the internet via the sponsored data packs enable students to learn virtually.